Welcome to AMP

AMP provides high school students in the Cleveland area an opportunity to learn skills needed to succeed in the well-paid manufacturing sector by providing them hands-on experience and direction.

Our students earn a paycheck and other benefits while receiving practical on-the-job training in the fields of Machining, Engineering and Industrial Maintenance.

Students focus on the three areas of manufacturing in which we have the most difficulty locating and hiring qualified candidates. We cross-train students so they are as familiar with the as much of the manufacturing process as possible.

Students gain experience with basics of manual machining through high- volume production on CNC equipment while completing their high school education.
Students use state of the art software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to draw some of the actual components we produce. Students draw the components, and often work with our machinists and machine operators to help make the components they’ve drawn.
Industrial Maintenance involves diagnosing and repairing industrial equipment and understanding and addressing physical building systems. It is one of the better paying jobs in the manufacturing sector for which the number of qualified people available to fill those jobs falls far short of demand. We help prepare our students to meet the challenges of this field.